Kids Baking Subscription Boxes: Best Cooking Boxes and Kits

Grab your spatula – we have baking to do! Here are the best subscription boxes for kids.

The history of kids baking goes way back. Many of us started with baking by being the special helpers. You probably remember a parent letting you lick the spoon to “help”. Fast forward to 2020…Now we know kids are so much more capable than that; Watch what they can create!

The beauty of subscription service for a kids baking box is that you can have it on hand as an activity for a rainy or snow day when you might need something to break up the mundane, or you may want to incorporate baking as a daily or weekly ritual to help the kids learn a life skill, work together, or just to get them to make those muffins you’ve been craving but too lazy to make yourself!

The kids in your life will absolutely love to receive a kids’ baking box subscription in the mail. In fact, trust us, the kids will be so excited they won’t be able to wait for a box to arrive! So sure, let them lick the spoon, but give them a chance to see what else they can create with these kids’ baking set subscription boxes! And in the process you’ll get to learn new baking tricks and techniques as you create memorable experiences in the kitchen with your family.

Why Purchase a Kids Baking Box?

For me, I decided to dedicate to my kids one afternoon a week to baking something together. Kids from a young age like to learn how things are made. Baking at a young age is like getting an experiment to work….and if your experiment goes well, those pumpkin muffins better be delicious! The approach to baking here is to bring the expertise to the kids. Make it a family baking night; vow to devote one Friday night to your kids, working on their baking and culinary skills! Here are the 10 best reasons to purchase a kids’ baking subscription box in a monthly delivery:

  • Teaching kids about cooking, so they can be self-sufficient teens and adults, is always a good idea. Teaching kids about food, where it comes from, which foods are best for our bodies, and how to combine them to craft something delicious is a great life skill. (Some adults could still use a brush up on the above too!) In fact, many important life skills come from baking: following the sequences of steps, the importance of accuracy in measuring, timing, working with others to share responsibilities, and how to be patient (especially when waiting for that delicious cake to cool!). This is a dose of teaching but so fun so kids won’t even recognize they are working and learning.
  • In these crazy times where kids are home more than they are outside of the house, it is a great idea to use baking as an activity to occupy them! This is a great way to occupy the kids on a rainy day stuck inside.
  • This is another way to spread kindness in young kids, letting them bake for friends and deliver the treats!
  • This is an opportunity to bring kids from the places that may not have had the opportunity to find all the ingredients to bake a masterpiece to receive them right at their doorstep! That is one reason this makes a great gift to send as a subscription for a birthday or child milestone!
  • This is another way to connect with those kids of another language; It is often said that food: cooking and baking is a universal language, connecting us all.
  • Here is your chance to take a break from your kids yourself! Let them get to work while you sit back and wait for your turn to be a taste tester! Meanwhile, you yourself can kick back with some reading with a monthly book subscription.
  • This is a great tool for kids interested in STEM or kids interested in STEAM; baking is a form of chemistry!
  • This subscription box for kids does accommodate the kids with food allergies. There are ways to choose boxes that utilize less sugar than other subscriptions, or to adhere to an allergy issues.
  • Keep track of the kids snacking habits with this kit, because you know what sweet treats they’ll be eating for the week.
  • If you are running a pod or home classroom, this is a great activity for a group of the kids to do together. Baking is a skill that can help improve hand-eye coordination for kids with developmental delays.
  • This is an excellent “brain break” for your kids to take between remote learning classes.


The Top 8 Kids Baking Boxes

If you want to shop for kids baking set online, look no further than the kids’ baking subscription boxes below!

The Baketivity Box is a monthly kids subscription with all the ingredients and tools for easy baking and cooking. The box is a monthly kids subscription containing just about anything related to baking, and everything you need. This is one of the most unique subscription boxes for kids on the market right now, because kids can do it by themselves (for the most part!). Don’t worry about making an error from baking anything – these recipes are easy to follow. Children will learn about baking as a process, from step 1 to the final product.

This month’s box with Baketivity is emoji cookies! Baketivity gets many letters from kids themselves saying how much they enjoy the Kids’ baking subscription box, so it must be a truly enjoyed by kids!

Included with this subscription is a truly adorable one-size-fits-all Baketivity kids apron and chef hat that your little baker will love so they can dress the part!

This is the ultimate subscription box for cookie lovers! With Fresh Baked Cookie Crate, each month, you’ll receive pre-measured, all natural, vacuum-sealed gourmet ingredients to use to bake your own delicious cookies. With a new cookie recipe every month, this is perfect for any aged baker. Plus, it comes with 2-3 surprises to unbox (like a cookie sheet, cookie socks or a hand towel). This box is one of our kids’ personal favorites!

Whisk Takers is a monthly subscription box delivering do-it-yourself (DIY) baking kits for a fun easy and mess-less baking experience for the whole family! Whether they (or you) are new to baking or old pros, this box will not disappoint! Whisk Takers will send step by step recipes and pre-measured ingredients for unique and tasty baking recipes, so you can learn how to bake from scratch and correctly combine ingredients.

Filled with high quality ingredients (everything except the eggs!), Red Velvet NYC is an easy, convenient and fun DIY gourmet baking kit. Every month, you’ll receive 2 baking kits in 1 box, with all the pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards for each. You’ll make Pinterest perfect dessert recipes each month! For the pro, bust out your culinary skills with a baking competition; see who can make it better – you or the kids!

Boasting “from scratch” desserts, Mix Box sends step-by-step instructions and pre-measured ingredients, with a guarantee of the “perfect dessert every time you bake”. Easy and fun and for all baking levels, as a bonus, Mix Box is a woman founded and operated business!

Bake Eat Love Boxes are a bit different that the above baking boxes in that they include a new tool for your kitchen (free!) plus a video tutorial to assist you in baking! They boast that “Guests will swear your treats are professionally baked”. This box is good for all aged bakers.

The Innocent Baker baking kits will get you on the road to baking something yummy! The kits get shipped to you with pre-measured, shelf-stable artisanal ingredients (so you can save to use at a later date), an easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe card and bonus keepsake baking tools!

If you miss travelling, Culture Cakes Kit is your passport to adventure, via the kitchen! With it, you can “Taste & bake the world”! You’ll get exotic ingredients, unique international snacks and a cultural fusion cupcake recipe to turn exotic flavors into a delicious cupcake! Plus, baking tools and a booklet to teach your kids about global culture!

What Will I Bake Each Month?

Packed into each monthly box are all the necessary ingredients to make cake pops, whoopie pies, cupcakes, granola bars, pudding pops, bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and so much more! Kids of all ages will enjoy the joy of baking from scratch, just with the ease of this genius subscription, so you don’t have to shop for (and accidentally forget) a single item!

What ‘s in the box?

Wondering what is included in each box? Dry ingredients, a detailed shopping list for the wet ingredients, plus the baking tools you will need is what comes in each kit.

How a Monthly Baking Subscription Box Works

You can try out the subscription once and see if you like it before you have to commit to anything more. You can order a one-time only box, or order for a longer term subscription; if you commit to a regular monthly subscription the price is less than a one-time box, and if you find yourself expanding to the 12 month subscription, annual subscription the price is even less. The range to the 12 month subscription is around $25 per box while the one time is $35/box. Subscriptions at a discounted price for the 12 month subscription is a fantastic offer.

This is the same as a normal subscription to anything else. Sold as subscriptions, these boxes exciting than a magazine subscription, or any of the old-school simple kids’ subscriptions. There is usually a first time discount applicable on subscriptions to help you save money on your subscription.

Pre-paying for your subscription annually is a great deal, and one that we decided was a great idea for our family, as our crew of kids found a baker’s club subscription was something they enjoyed doing together. Plus, we felt it was a good subscription for the price.

Gifting a Kid’s Baking Subscription Box

Giving a subscription as a gift is a great idea. The child will be informed of its impending arrival delivered through your letter box as a little card letting them know they have a monthly kids subscription to a baking kit coming their way! The kids will typically receive one kit per box, at the fee per eight items in each box.

Maybe you will be a recipient of their hard work and receive goodies in a box from “the bakers club” or whatever your kids decide to name their new baking group! Who knows, maybe the kids will one day become a famous baker?!


Unlike Baketivity, the baking subscription box delivery service, KidStir and Little Sous are more culinary based subscription services. They are a monthly kids subscription with all the ingredients and tools for easy cooking, of whole meals. The meal delivery service is a flexible subscription which puts you with grocery items so your kids can create a meal for the whole family. Entertain the kids; with prices of a baking subscription box so good of a deal its honestly a steal.


Want to be the first to hear about kids cooking tips and new products? Try your first Baketivity box and you will be in the know for all the upcoming shipments! Signing up is also a way to get facts about kids baking sets that are newly released!

Note that these kids baking sets will not fit through the letter box, but will have to be left on the doorstep or handed to the individual, as the boxes are bigger, containing all the necessary tools and ingredients.

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