Pregnancy Subscription Boxes: Best Baby Gift Box

The best kind of subscription box is one that you actively look forward to each month. Pregnancy subscription boxes are filled with useful and practical things that are well worth your time and money. It could save you a trip to your local supermarket and it can introduce you to lots of unique products for both you and your child. So here are the best subscription boxes available on the market today.

StitchFix Maternity Clothing Box

StitchFix is a monthly clothing subscription service for trying out new clothes. When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to give some personal details such as measurements and also how long you are into your pregnancy. This helps you pick the right kind of clothing for your pregnancy and helps your stylist pick out items that are suitable for you. You’ll get five items each month to try and you only pay for the things you keep. They include a handy prepaid return label so you can send back the items you don’t like. The cost of the box is also deducted from the items you pay for, making it surprisingly affordable to get new clothes every month.

Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes is one of the most popular pregnancy and postpartum boxes available. It has between 6-8 full-size pregnancy safe products to help ensure you have a healthy and relaxed pregnancy. The items are always tailor-picked for you and they only use the finest ingredients. It includes plenty of artisan products and holistic goodies that will pamper you at every stage of your pregnancy. Once you’ve given birth, the subscription will switch to postpartum boxes with new products that are perfectly suited to your new life with your newborn. This is a great box for mothers that are looking for new and interesting products to make their pregnancy journey a little more fun and exciting.

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box made for mindful eco-friendly mothers. The box contains 4 to 6 items each month. Half of them are designed for the mother while the other half is for the baby or to help with your pregnancy. Every product included in the Ecocentric Mom box is designed with natural and organic ingredients in mind. This is a great box to help you discover some of the best eco-friendly brands out there. The subscription also automatically changes once you’ve given birth so that half of the items will pamper your baby as well.

Queen and Baby Box

The Queen and Baby Box is curated for busy breastfeeding mothers. The box contains items that are catered to the breastfeeding and pumping stage and is perfect for both new mothers and mothers who are having another child. 4 to 6 breastfeeding supplies are included and the box always contains high-quality items from reputable brands. In addition to the subscription box, you also get access to a private Facebook community with other members and also access to a lactation counselor.


We all know that becoming a mother can be stressful. That’s why TheraBox stands out for its focus on self-care and wellness. Each box includes 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to help you reduce your stress. Every box is thoughtfully put together with a research-inspired therapeutic activity and multiple lifestyle goodies. TheraBox even works with therapists to help design their subscription boxes for maximum effectiveness, making it an effective box to look forward to every month.

Happy Little Camper

Happy Little Camper offers a customizable subscription box for diapers. It’s one of the most straightforward and practical pregnancy subscription boxes around. Simply pick your baby’s size (you can use the supplied size chart for help), select baby wipes of your choice if needed, then choose how often you want the subscription box. You can also just make a single purchase to try out the bundle before you commit to a subscription. This is a fantastic box that ensures you always have diapers and wipes ready. You can also update the subscription as needed for when your baby starts growing.

Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd produces a range of reputable body care products such as washes and ointments. Their subscription box contains 3 natural bath bombs that are a perfect treat for both mothers and their kids. A bath bomb is a perfect way to unwind after a stressful and busy day. They’re also fun for kids because of the fizzing action as soon as you place them into the water. They smell fantastic and will add a bit of fun to your bedtime routine.