Stem Subscription Boxes: The Best Kids Stem Subscription Box

Here are our 6 top picks for the best STEM subscription boxes. Find out more about each educational focus per STEM subscription box below.

green kid crafts

Green Kid Crafts

Cardboard box with exact-o-knife with the intent printed right on the box. Monthly subscription available and best-selling. The company offers a monthly best STEM subscription box which is developmentally appropriate for education. The best thing about the box is the beauty of it. Each month’s box gives you various things to do and you can pay with a variety of methods.

Price: Starting at $21.00

Top Pick

Creation Crate

A monthly subscription in which there are an abundance of STEM projects available. The products in these best STEM subscription boxes are less inventive but if you treat the contents of the box as an immersive programming box or something as simple as a fun way to play then you won’t have any issues. Opt for a monthly subscription or cancel any time. The thought-out options are tested and it’s one of the best pick box options if you want to take out a year’s subscription. Kids will love this!

Price: Starting at $29.99

creation crate
groovy lab in a box

Groovy Lab in a Box

Science is what’s in the box! 3-4 experiments and projects available. Suitable for anyone. Groovy Lab is definitely one of the best stem subscription boxes. You can easily subscribe for a 12-month subscription or you can cancel at any time. This box is a great purchase and the options that are available are limitless. If you want something that will keep the kids entertained, or if you want something a little different then this is the lab for you.It is developmentally appropriate and it has a focus on STEM adventures too so you know that there will be endless things for your kids to do regardless of their mood.

Price: Starting at $24.95

KiwiCo BitsBox Club

It’s one of the best coding subscription boxes, for anyone! So many folks that order these can hardly wait for the next box to arrive. Finally, the best subscription boxes for girls and boys with a focus on STEM adventures. The cost per box is low, with equipment from an earlier box used to give you the best results.

Price: Starting at $19.95


Scikidz Labs

Scikidz Labs’ best STEM subscription boxes are a runner-up. The projects with this subscription are less intensive but with this box, you may want to opt for a monthly subscription.There are plenty of contents of the box and it is as immersive and fun! The programming box contains everything you need to start your very own STEM science lab. Anyone can use this box at-home and most cannot wait for the next box to arrive. Subscription boxes like this with a focus on STEM adventures and STEM play are very fun. The subscription is cheaper per box and it is suited to those who are above the age of 7.

Price: Starting at $19.95

Little Passports Science Expeditions 

Excited about the most original and best STEM subscription box for kids out there? This kids toy box features thought-out options that are tested and original. It’s our best pick as best for overall use. Little Passports uses 3 boxes for various age groups. If you are after a box which is most suited to older children then this is also the best option. The Science Expeditions box is ideal for kids who are above the age of 9. Every subscription month you will get a fun and scientific activity. You may also get an engineering activity. You can subscribe to the site or through Amazon so there are plenty of options there.

Price: Starting at $14.95